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How many days can disposable masks be worn? How often?

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Masks are the "umbrella" for each of us. They prevent the spread of droplets and reduce the risk of virus infection. Wearing masks every day has become a habit, but do disposable masks really need to be replaced every day? The older generation always think that it's too wasteful to trade in and out of masks, so they just wear them repeatedly. Some people will continue to use the mask after cleaning. The mask could have prevented the occurrence of diseases, but it may cause "trouble" if you are not careful. How to use the mask should be explained at one time today. Four mistakes of wearing masks. Do you have them?

1. Wearing masks repeatedly: academician Zhong Nanshan once said that for the common people, ordinary medical surgical masks can resist the risk of virus infection. However, medical surgical masks are generally disposable, and it is recommended that they should be worn for no more than 4 hours, especially when the masks are damaged, moist or contaminated by secretions. Because it is easy to breed bacteria in hot and humid environment, wearing it repeatedly for a long time can not only play a protective role, but also bring pathogenic bacteria to themselves. If it is N95 type mask, you can wear it again, but you should avoid contamination with viruses and bacteria on the mask. After removal, it is better to keep it in a ventilated and dry place. It can be worn repeatedly without damage or dirt, but the number of times should not exceed 5.

2. Continue to use the mask after cleaning and disinfection: the structure of the mask seems simple, but it is actually made of multi-layer structure. The inner layer can absorb moisture, the outer layer can block liquid (saliva, water, blood), and the middle layer can block various particles. Each layer of the mask is treated with special treatment. If the mask is repeatedly cleaned and sterilized at high temperature, the blocking ability of saliva and blood will be reduced. Then the role of masks will be greatly reduced, what is the significance of wearing such masks.

3. Take off the mask by holding the outside. Many people like to take off the mask directly by holding the outside. However, this practice is very unsanitary. In particular, after wearing the mask for a long time, the surface has blocked all kinds of droplets, viruses, bacteria and other substances. If you touch it with your hands, you can't touch other places without washing your hands. The pathogenic bacteria are likely to be spread out. It is suggested that when removing the mask, hold the ropes on both sides with both hands and take them off the ears, and then wash hands with soap immediately.

4. As mentioned before, the inside and outside of the mask have different functions. The outer side can block the droplets and the inner side can absorb moisture. If the inner side and outer side are changed, the inner side can not absorb moisture and the outer side can not block the pollution of spray.

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